Clear view fence is the ultimate barrier when it comes to protecting you and your belongings. This fence is suited for aesthetics and for security needs. It has been used at airports, schools, government sites, prisons, farms and the general household. It has so many application to mention.

This security fence is locally manufactured with only South African produced A grade wire, this gives us the edge over the competitors. Our machine are world leading with the highest tension on offer at 700NM plus, this means our wire is tighter than the rest and that makes it harder to cut.

We able to offer low security, medium security and high security options. This is done by adjusting the aperture size, The bigger the aperture the less secure and the cheaper the panel is.

Coating options vary from inland to coastal options. Colours are decided by the client, based on the requirements.

http://www.clear-viewfencing.co.za is a clear choice in the fencing industry of South Africa.