Crime rates are escalating

It is very clear that crime and crime prevention is an ongoing problem in South Africa. Law enforcement is simply unable to deal with the problem and in many cases, one gets the impression that law enforcement and the government actually sympathizes with criminals. Naturally, this makes criminals even bolder and this is why crimes are frequently taking place during daylight hours in highly visible locations and in the majority of cases criminals get away and are never apprehended.  For residential and commercial property owners there is only one solution, they have to take responsibility as far as the security of their properties is concerned.

The security perimeter

For thousands of years the logical solution as for as access control was concerned has always been the perimeter fence or wall. Just think of the ancient city of Jericho of which the walls were so thick that chariots were operated on top of those walls. Such extreme measures are no longer cost effective or feasible. However, Clear View Fencing is becoming increasingly popular among residential and commercial property owners. This type of fencing is sturdy, high quality, cost effective and long lasting. Even though Clear View Fencing is a formidable crime barrier it still allows property owners and security personnel to see through the fence and to observe people approaching the property. This makes it possible to take a whole range of actions which will make it just about impossible for criminals to succeed in their lawless endeavors. Not only are Clear View Fencing highly efficient crime barriers but they are also aesthetically pleasing and they will add to the value of your property.

Attractive benefits

Clear View Fencing is a mesh type fence which is highly cost effective especially when compared to diamond mesh fencing and boring palisade solutions. In the vast majority of cases Clear View Fencing is cheaper than any other form of security fencing. Because of the use of steel wire mesh very few additional materials are necessary in order to construct a fence. Construction of a clear view fence is very fast and therefore the exposure of the property to possible crime is minimal. The majority of fencing solutions requires frequent maintenance in order to ensure that they are able to provide maximum security. This is why a large number of fences which is currently used as security perimeters is damaged or rusted and generally in a state of disrepair. This is not the best situation to be in in these times where crime seems to be constantly increasing. This is why the 10-year warranty which comes with Clear View Fencing will certainly do a lot to provide property owners with peace of mind. Contact Us