Sometimes traditional fencing solutions are not always what you need. Clear View Fencing offers different kinds of solutions that are aesthetically pleasing with real world applications. This list is going to go through those solutions and applications.

#1 Increased Security

Due to the appearance of Clear View Fencing it literally gives you a clear view of your property or premises. The fence is built with small aperatures which make it almost impossible to cut through with conventional tools, the fence is also fitted with spikes or electric fencing on top – making it impossible to climb.

It also assist your CCTV with ease of view through the fence.

# 2 Cost Effective

Compared to palisade or diamond mesh fencing, Clear View fence is relatively cheaper compared to the other forms of fencing. Due to the fact that we use steel wire mesh, we require very little in the way of materials to construct the fence, the only thing you are paying standard rates for is the labour to install the fence. It is also very fast to install and can far out way the installation cost compared to a brick wall.

# 3 Durability

Just drive around Johannesburg/Durban/Cape town and look at all the rusted, damaged and generally disregarded fence. Our Clear View fence comes with a minimum 10 year warranty. The fence is weather resistant; it does not wilt in the wind or rust in the rain. It love our South African climate.

# 4 Options

Clear View fence is not a one-and-done solution there are a variety of add-ons for all your needs. Take a look at the list below.

  • Galvanized Coating
  • PVC Powder Coating or Plastic Coated
  • Smaller Apertures/Larger Apertures
  • Different Colours
  • Additional Security Features – Spikes or Electric Fence
  • Anti – Screws

# 5 Aesthetically Pleasing

There is no doubt about it that Clear View fencing looks better than the rest. It is security without obscurity. The very nature of Clear View is that it is unobtrusive, it does not get in the way and can make any building look new.

The fence can be painted and covered in any colour you wish depending on the style and look of your premises.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and get a free quotation on our clear view fencing solutions.Thanks for reading, until next time!